71mb added to app size for crosswalk!

I really hope I’m doing something wrong. I’ve added crosswalk to a project and have had some serious app size increase. To test I’ve done the following.

  1. created a new ionic project
  2. added my app code to /www/
  3. added ngcordova and various plugins
  4. Ran ionic build and drop the apk onto a Genymotion emulator. The app was very slow but had a app size of 8.01mb (once installed - checked with app manager).
  5. Then I deleted the app from the emulator
  6. Ran ionic browser add crosswalk
  7. Ran ionic run android which installed the correct .apk on the emulator. On checking in manage apps the app size is now 79.36mb!!! Thats a 71mb increase! Most places say 20mb at most but 71mb!!!

Can someone tell me what I’ve done wrong?

When I added the Android SDK I did add all the tools ad platforms availabe in the SDK manager, did that have some effect?

If this isn’s fixable it’s a show stopper for me, which is a shame after spending weeks developing an app…

Please help!

Depends on what size you look at: package (apk) size increase is ~20M, installed size (after unpacking) will be what you see in “manage apps”.

All figures mentioned are from “manage apps” on device. So a 71mb increase on device from crosswalk alone - surely that can’t be right?!

You said “most places say 20mb at most” - I think that refers to the package size, not the installed size.

With Crosswalk you’re essentially installing a version of the Chromium browser as part of your app.

Did a quick test: without Crosswalk debug.apk is 2.5M; device storage is 2.8M.
With Crosswalk: debug.apk is 22M for armv7, 25M for x86; device storage on x86 emulator is 70M.

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