Novice question: Is Ionic2 still in beta or already released?

Is Ionic 2 still in beta or is it already released? How do I know what’s the current latest version?
Reason I am asking is that when I run

npm install -g ionic
ionic -v

I get 2.0.0 already, does that mean it’s released?

Which command will get me the latest version?

npm install -g ionic
npm install -g ionic@beta

The CLI is no longer in beta, so:

npm install -g ionic

will get you the latest. The framework still is in beta though, currently up to beta.11. You can check which version you are using by running ionic info inside of your project (or just take a look at the package.json file)


When is the approximate date for ionic2 release ?? Can we expect before this year ??

First release candidate is out now, so I’d say before the end of the year is a pretty safe bet.

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Could you please update me about the status of ionic 2 release? Please confirm it’s not in beta anymore. I also wonder of there is such thing as ionic 3. If so, where can I obtain more information about it?

There isn’t just “an Ionic” anymore. Instead, there are a few pieces to the package, moving along parallel tracks. There’s the Framework, the CLI, and app-scripts (the build script, basically). The components and API are in the Framework, which is now at 3.7 (though I think 3.6 is more stable and I haven’t upgraded). Ionic 4 is in the pipleline, no idea about release date.

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Ionic 2 is out of beta for a year now. There were many releases of 2.x versions and also a 3.0 and then 3.x. Right now the current version of Ionic Framework is 3.6.0 - if you start a new project, do use this version.

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