Version 3 ou 4?

Being in the discovery of development and ionic I read a lot of things.
do i have to work with ionic v3 since v4 is in beta? especially that I find no tutorial for v4.

thank you in advance.


If you are comfortable with working with beta software and pretty few tutorials, use Ionic 4.
If not, use Ionic 3.

Depends also when your app has to be on the market?

Next week -> go with v3
Like In one year -> I think you could consider v4 as a valid option to begin
In the middle -> Up to you :wink:

I am really beginner and I learn from the beginning.
I will start with V3 since it is well provided in tutorial.
Thank you for the quick reply

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my app idea will only have 6 pages with a database since it will be used to retrieve data that can be sent or retrieved by another person.
some evolutions are planned like the taking of photo which will be joined but I will already diffuse the base of the app and add the remainder like additional option.
so if the base is ready in 1 month I will broadcast.
I will go on V3 because there is much more tutorial.
Thank you for the quick reply

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I just installed with nodejs but I installed version 4.1.1.
do i have to put $ npm install -g ionic V3 cordova to have version 3?

thank you.

I’d go for v3 for still for a year and then go for v4. In that time there’ll be more tutorials and answered questions.

Also it’s not a very good idea to use a beta version of anything for production.

I edited my comment to moderate it a bit aka to be more positive, I have spent a reasonable amount of time migrating my v3 app to v4. There are still some bugs but I don’t feel that I’m that far away to have a RC, so in my point of view, I’m confident that it will be ready soonish aka way before a year. I just took that timeframe as example :wink:

I’m fully agree with you on the tutorials

ok but nodejs installed me V4, how to put the V3?


npm uninstall -g ionic
npm install -g ionic@3.9.2

ionic@3.9.2 and cordova@8.0.0 cool.
I can now take the tutorial and start my 1st app

thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Ludolefrenchy that’s wrong!

Ionic (angular or just ionic) != ionic cli

you could safely install ionic cli v4 globally. with this cli you will still be able to generate ionic v3 project

 npm uninstall -g ionic
 npm install -g ionic

then to create a v3 project

 ionic start

doing so it will create an ionic v3 project which will contains ionic-angular v3.9.2


ionic cli = the tools to create project, pages, services etc. the cmd line tool
ionic or ionic angular = the effective ionic framework which is use to build and run the app
ionic app-script = in v3, that’s the compilation, the scripts which bundle your app

you only install the ionic cli globally, all other libs are only installed in your project

Ionic CLI (ionic) != Ionic Framework (ionic-angular or @ionic/angular)

For me, in v3, ionic was always the ionic angular one :wink:

with v4 is clearer

ionic cli = cli
ionic core = ionic (core)
ionic angular = ionic angular

but anyway in any case, if I’m not mistaken, OP should install the last cli not a version 3.9.2 of the cli (which might even not be a real version right?)

Exactly. Install most recent Ionic CLI, then decide if to create a v3 or v4 app when running ionic start by supplying the parameter mentioned in the docs or not.

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already thank you for your advice.
I uninstall with and then reinstalled with

 npm uninstall -g ionic
 npm install -g ionic

started a project with

 ionic start

I left with a tutorial to create a connection / disconnection page and it works with tabs in base.
the beginning of my creation starts well as long as it stays that way.

still really thank you for your answers.


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Have fun @Ludolefrenchy :wink:

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thank you
I am now moving to the integration of a database.

at pleasure :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

The latest release on V3 was on Nov. 17, and IMO, it’s full of bugs that Ionic Team says that V4 will fix.

Also, IMO, V3 uses a bad file structure since it don’t follow angular’s coding style guide. V4 will use angular’s style guide.

Do some extra effort and go to V4, otherwise you will develop a application that will need a lot of workaround for Ionic bugs that will never be solved officially.

depends one you do I guess then because my v3 app is in store like since 1-2 years and works like a charm