Ionic 3 backend Drupal or Firebase


Im figuring out what is better. For a product list and more items I think it is good to use Drupal for importing, creating articles and products and then by a Json view import it in the Ionic app. But what do use the most people here for data storage?
What I also want is some data to store local in the app which changes every week, I guess that is also possible?

I’m using Google Hosting and Cloud Firestore:

You might consider using CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) as a vendor neutral API to your CMS:


Thans for the info. Im going to read your links :slight_smile:

Firebase works like charm on Angular 5.

@jamesharvey do you use firebase still, or Cloud Firestore?

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FIrebase realtime database… I’m yet to experiement with Firestore.
AngularFire works well out of box… you can set up user registration in less than an hour.

and Firebase provides free web hosting and SSL for all users. None of other hosting companies can offer this, only google can.

React, VueJS, Angular all work with Firebase pretty easily…
After this, I’m going to study further into MEAN stack with Angular 5.

I had no idea firebase offered free web hosting. Good to know. MEAN stack should be pretty easy for you to pick up based on what I’ve seen from your posting on the forum.

I really like MongoDB. I’ve had little reason to use it, but it’s been easy and intuitive when I have used it.

It’s OK if all your data units are completely self-contained and independent of one another. I have found it a complete nightmare otherwise, because there is no concept of “transaction”. I flirted with it for a while on a few projects, but ended up going back to PostgreSQL instead.

Firestore (beta) implements a basic transactional memory structure. It’s the way of the future, I hope. You can say, “Make this complicated operation atomic,” and it does the rest. Fancy.

Firebase has free web hosting plus SSL.

You can deploy a website to Firebase and link Firebase app to any domain (preferably Google Domains is easy to link)… it works and it removes your hosting and SSL bills. For small web projects, I would recommend Firebase hosting option. It doesn’t need to an angular site.

That’s the exact scenario in which I used it. I didn’t go any further, as I was basically learning enough to cross it off my list of stuff I can use to make a resume look better if necessary…

In this Jepsen analysis, we develop new tests which show the MongoDB v0 replication protocol is intrinsically unsafe, allowing the loss of majority-committed documents.



Are you referring to writeBatch? I’m using that feature a lot in my Android studio apps to avoid the headache that FutureTasks seem to be

I don’t know whether Firestore uses it or something else, but it looks like a similar functionality.

Not a very encouraging quote! Then again, MongoDB is intrinsically linked to javascript which I consider to be the most horrible of any language, so my level of surprise is pretty low

I see it as a way to make up for Java’s lack of straightforward Promises. Add as many sets, updates, deletes, etc to a WriteBatch, then commit. All or none complete

Ouch. After reading these, combined with @rapropos comments, it makes one wonder why MongoDB is so widely used and accepted. Habit?

I’m retracting my “I really like MongoDB” statement.

“gives each transaction a “snapshot” of the database, allowing changes to be made without being visible to other transactions until the changes are committed.”

On PostgreSQL. Definitely a plus in relation to Mongo. Seeing SQL in the name gives me pause. Is php necessary for using it?
I’ve written enough ugly php files to last 2 lifetimes! Not a fan of using it

I’ll look into. Thx for the heads up on that. As far as web development, Angular is all I’ve really used. But I’ll see about learning another way.

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Absolutely not. My preferred backend stack is gocraft/web and jmoiron/sqlx, although I’m sure there are many other options.

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