Ionic and database

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So I have a little project, to create an application multi platform for browers, android and IOS
in this project we have user : he registers to application, login and sharing picture with other Users

my question, witch database I should use ? us we must know this application can used in offline, and when the user is online they upload modification

I started with firebase but I’m not sure if It possible or not

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The new firestore database from firebase has offline support built in. If you want to use the realtime database you can use angularfire2-offline for offline support. If you need help getting started using firebase in ionic, take a look at the blog by @javebratt.

If you’re looking for an alternative to firebase, by @joshmorony has some great articles on using PouchDB and CouchDB (and superlogin), which should also work for your needs.

Hope that helps.

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I have build a manual solution for offline/online storage, as I wanted the offline db to be in sqlite, which I believe is not enforced (or not clear to me) on Angularfire2offline/firestore

Basically, online is a Angularfire provider and the Storage ionic provider for offline.

Suited my needs, but not necessarily universal as the syncing is quite rude (no version checking etc, just plain overwrite)


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