Ionic 3.3.0 is out!

Another release of ionic-angular (what we refer to as “Ionic Framework”) is out:

Looks like more RTL support and some bug fixes:

Bug Fixes

  • range: update the UI when min/max change (#11720) (d86785c), closes #11719
  • searchbar: searchbar padding should be on the left (#11651) (3443ffd)
  • segment: add z-index to ios back button (#10363) (bb22e4a)
  • select: RTL fix for searchbar (#11355) (ca71072)
  • VirtualScroll: initialize trackByFn reference (#11624) (892e14f)


  • icon: add flip/unflip for icon on rtl (#11634) (7bdfaac)
  • rtl: add rtl margin, padding, position and border-radius (#11342) (a30379b)

Release 3.3.0 · ionic-team/ionic-framework · GitHub