Ionic Angular (Ionic v3) 3.9.3 was released!

My bot caught another release of 3.9.3:

The release is here:
But the release note there look pretty broken (currently lists all changes ever done to Ionic I think).

Correct ones are actually here:

Bug Fixes

  • accessibility: disable icon label if tab has title (98c5d7e)
  • alert: allow disabled text input (1b3190b), closes #13488
  • content: remove layout contain to fix fab behind toolbar (79c8d67)
  • cordova: don’t apply safe area to footer if there are bottom tabs (0182014)
  • sass: use sass variables for slide background values (3d0713d)
  • toggle: add display: block to ensure proper track dimension calculation (68d0a922), closes #919


This release of ionic-angular brings full Node 10 support.