Ionic 3.4.0 is out!

Looking at the changelog at

  • Lots of RTL fixes and changes
  • a MASSIVE dump of keyboard changes
  • and some work on other components.

That could be interesting.

New package.json excerpt is missing for now, but @LoLStats included in his How to update to Ionic 3.X guide.


Looks like the newly provided reference package.json is incorrect in the post on github. Even ionic-angular is not set to 3.4. I also seem to have newer versions of some of the others.

The “How to update …” post I linked includes correct(er) version numbers.

Update: Was fixed now.

Also note that there is a breaking change introduced with this one!
We moved ltr selectors to be under [dir="ltr"]. To disable it and keep stuff unchanged, set $app-direction: ltr.
See for more details.


I updated my guide. Thanks Amit