Quick Ionic 2 Update

Hey everyone, the Ionic Team has been heads down working on Ionic 2.0 final and we’re planning to release that beginning of January 2017. We’ve been a bit quiet around the forum, but that will soon change as we get out of rampant testing and finishing touches mode.

From all of us, have a great holiday! We are confident you are going to love Ionic 2 and everything we have in store for 2017. Thanks for the patience as we work to build the best Ionic yet.



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Can I no longer use the previous version of Ionic? I’m seeing some things that look wildly different in Ionic 2.0 and I’m concerned that I can no longer use what I spent so long learning from the previous version. Maybe I overlooked this , but where is all the 2.0 angular/ javascript documentation?

@Spilot the v1 documentation can be found through the v2 toggle up in the docs header bar (by the logo in the upper left).

Here’s the link as well: http://ionicframework.com/docs/v1/

Is there any logs about features will be adding to this release ?

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If January is going to be a final release could you please look into cleaning up the virtualscroll & refresher behaviour on iOS, as at the moment it’s unusable.

It would be really good to have some indication that this will be working to at least a basic level before final is released. I can’t see how the product could go final with those components in the state they are in on iOS. They work great on Android, but they should work at least well enough on both.

Looking forward to the next update!

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It’s open source, make a PR! :smiley: @ghenry22

Wish I could but if I knew how to fix this I already would have done so.

Hey! Sorry your running into issues. Have you been able to update to rc4 https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#200-rc4-2016-12-15 yet? We did some pretty major updates to virtualScroll and scrolling in general that should help. Also, do you have any specific issues that i can take a look at? Thanks!

@jgw9617 Yep I have been following the commits and updated to RC4 as soon as it was available, virtualscroll still has major issues, scrolling smoothness is actually much worse now that it was before the recent updates. I also tried creating a new clean RC4 project and just adding 1 page with my list of items in virtual scroll, same deal.

It works really, really smoothly on android and all works as expected. on iOS uiwebview it’s unusable. Slightly better on ios 10 vs ios 9 which is horrendous.

Insanely janky on scroll

conflict with ion-refresher still present, so you can never swipe down to scroll as refresher always gets triggered (looks like this is because virtualscroll uses js scrolling but ion-refresher does not get updates from js scroll events scrollTop in ion-refresher remains 0 with virtual scroll, whereas in virtual scroll component I can see it is listening for js scroll events and updates it’s local value for scrollTop appropriately, just doesn’t share this with other components).

scroll acceleration and deceleration is nothing like native, very slow.

when scrolling fast the view doesn’t updated on scroll stop, so I will have 1 or 2 items visible on the screen and then a blank screen until I scroll just a tiny bit more then it will render the rest of the items.

Those are the biggies that really make it unusable, there are a list of issues in the issue round up ticket I posted of varying severity. If the above could be fixed it would at least be usable for lists and the rest of the issues could then be thoroughly tested, validated and fixed over time post release as the release will at least have a working feature.

I am happy to spend as much time as needed helping you to test updates and changes to get this in for release, just let me know what you need. I can provide an email address to contact me directly to help co-ordinate anything that is needed.

I am also happy to review and triage all other outstanding virtual scroll issues after the basics are fixed and help clean up the related github issues. I work for a dev shop so I am used to doing a lot of this kind of stuff :slight_smile:

Just captured a gif showing the scrolling behaviour in my app. I simply navigate to a page with a virtualscroll list and swipe to scroll once, you can see it jumps all over the place with the same values bouncing up and down. When I try to swipe down to scroll in the opposite direction the refresher is triggered even though I am not at the top of the list.

This is with RC4 on the iphone 7 emulator with ios 10 (ios 9 is even worse), exactly the same behaviour on the real device as on the emulator. The list is simple preloaded static data with a generic icon used for all items as an avatar. All the same dimensions, data not changing, approx height set to 40px, approx width defaults to 100% so that is fine. A very simple example.

Big thanks for all the info, it really helps! So quick question, if you remove ion-refresher do you still run into the same perf issues?

Hey! So just figured out the issue. So you were correct in thinking this is related to us having to use JS scrolling on uiwebview. UiWebView has some issues around scroll events not firing when they should. To get around this we use JS scrolling on UiWebView. This generally works well on UiWebView but it seems like in this case, with the interaction between virtual scroll and ion-refresh it causes perf issues. From my testing virtual-scroll, without ion-refresh, works perfectly on uiwebview, but as soon as you add ion-refresh you start to run into issues. I am going to open an issue on this, add it to our rc5 milestone and post all my findings there. Once i post that issue i will post the link here so you can follow it. Again, big thanks for all the debugging and info, it really helps narrow down issues fast.


Here is the issue https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/9765. Feel free to post your findings there too.


@jgw9617 that’s a good point all my pages have refresher. I’ll remove from one and test also to confirm.

Hi there , first of all we appreciate all the work you’re doing on ionic2 .
In the upcoming update is there any improvments on apps loading time ,
I know AoT was a big step in reducing the load time but is there
anything more being done about it , load time still seems like it could be better .
Again thanks for all your work.

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Thanks to all