Ionic 2.0.1 Release

Hi there! I’m pleased to announce that Ionic 2.0.1 is out!
This is mostly bug fixes as we work on larger features and upgrades down the road.

To update:

npm install ionic-angular@2.0.1 --save --save-exact

This will be the only package you need to update.


mhartington, good day ! When we could zoom image with standard tools ?

Thanks Mike - I’m assuming only bug fixes as it does not mention anything else (eg launch time reduction) in the changelog.

hi , mhartington
I tried to update new angular version… Update time my editor so hang . and i am using visual studio insider.
Please help me

Any progress on this issue?


Actively working on it according to their meeting notes …

Cheers Phil

You can use --prod option. In my case 10s -> 5s ionic run android --prod