How is Ionic 2 now?


Hello guys, Im pretty new on Ionic 2 and would like to ask you wizard’s how is ionic 2 going on?

is it viable to professionally develop to ionic 2 right now? (10/30/2016) ?
my concerns is about the constants changes and know bugs…

When it will be released a more final version and stable?

thanks you all and sorry about the english… non native here


As of Ionic 2 rc0 , the team promised no more breaking api changes.
So it is pretty stable to use


The framework itself is quite stable now, and has been for a little while. Updates are generally minor bug fixes and features. However, the build process for apps is still going through some iterations (builds were switched to Rollup, but now will likely be going back to Webpack by default) so that’s not 100% stable yet. Still very viable to build production apps with it now though.