Ionic 2 in Javascript

Hello, normally when i used “ionic start [Name] --v2” the files generated were in Javascript, know its in Typescript. I cant find a why to change to Javascript, anyone can explain me how that works and if is still possible to work in javascript?

Thanks in advance

Ionic 2 moved the efforts completely on TypeScript only,
here are the reasons:

It’s a cool step into the future IMHO, I’m having a lot of fun with TS!

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TS is better, type isn’t enforced so you can still write normal JS, when type is used not only you get immediate feedback in cases of syntactic errors, you also get intenseness which makes exploring easier, also strong types give you the expressiveness to build better abstractions.

Thanks for helping me.

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Is it Ionic team recommendation to use TS instead of JS? Will you guys drop JS support in future?

I have entire app already written in JS. Should I consider re-writing it is TS? If so, are there guidelines how to do it? What is the easiest way?

I’ve read that JS will be still supported, but all the upcoming material will be TS.

A refactorization of a JS project wouldn’t be too hard, but I haven’t seen any guidelines yet.

Is it possible to mix JS and TS in one project? I mean, some files (older ones) will stay JS and newer ones will be written in TS.

I’m not sure about that, you may need a special loader maybe, maybe San Google has some answer :wink: