How can I use older version Ionic? (v1 or v2)

Hello everyone,

Is there a way to install older version Ionic based on JavaScript?
I’m surprised by poor support of Javascript on Ionic 3. Even just copying and pasting javascript code onto Ionic 3 home.html file doesn’t work at all. I’m not confident I can convert all existing javascript libraries and codes into typescript for Ionic 3.

If Ionic 2, which is based on Javascript, is more flexible with javascript, I would like to build my project based on ionic 2.
How can I install Ionic v2 and will it run fine with Ionic 3 CLI?

Ionic 2 uses Angular 2 and TyleScript and not plane JS…
And why do you want to add JS code into your templates? You should add is to your controller.

If you want to use Ionic V1 read the CLI docs.

Btw I’m using JS libs without any problems in my ionic projects.

And please stop opening more posts about your problem. This is number 4…


Ionic CLI runs all versions of Ionic Framework. Read the docs how.

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