Ionic 1 LTS?


Is there a schedule that lays out support for ionic 1.x and transition to 2.x on a larger scale? What’s the expected lifetime of 1.x?

Knowing a rough EOL will greatly affect our schedule (we have a very large, heavily customised ionic app). Taking into account transitioning to typescript and angular2 will be necessary at the same time, this sends a few shivers up the spine. :wink:


As it stands, we’ll be slowing down feature addition to Ionic1 and focus on bug fixes and critical fixes. As we see what pages of docs people go to more, we’ll be able to decided when V1 will reach it’s end of life. So as for a set date/time frame… there is none really. It depends on how the community adopts v2.

Thanks for the answer. Sounds good.

@mhartington I wanted to follow up with you if there are any updates about the lifecycle of Ionic 1? Has the Ionic team decided if they will deprecate the v1 platform soon?


We still have a moderately Ionic 1.x app and keeping it running is getting harder and harder as device OSes change, requiring new or updated plugins, in turn requiring updated dependencies that don’t seem to jive as well together as they used to.

Are other folks having this issue? Is anyone still on 1.x?

Upgrading to 2+ seems like it will be such a massive effort, basically a rewrite. Hard to justify to the client…


We are still on v1, and our main app is quite complex. Not looking to rewrite, even for a few years.

So far no major problems with dependencies or plugins, which we try to keep to the bare minimum.

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