Ionic 1.x future


With the maturation of Ionic 2, we read lots of news and article. I was wondering about the status of 1.x. What is the plan for LTS and improvement of the framework ?



Great question! I can’t believe there were no replies! I can’t find anything on Google either. Surely there are lots of folks who are not ready to move to v2+ yet?


Yeah, would appreciate some official nosies (good or otherwise) about this.

Given the popularity of v1 and the level of resources required to port to v2 I’d imagine there is going to be a lot of people still working with the v1 codebase for years to come.

Understand that there was a need to get v2/v3 out the door in a timely fashion but now that’s coasting along nicely are there any plans to drop back and dedicate at least a sliver of resources towards bug-fixing & maintenance for the v1 branch?


As a bystander: I am not sure if you will get an official answer here. Ionic Team members don’t participate here regularly. You probably better try to contact the Ionic team through other channels like