Virtual Scroll and gestures SwipeLeft


I m trying to use virtual scroll with gestures. When i add swipeLeft or swipeRight to ion-card, the vertical scroll stopped working.

<ion-list [virtualScroll]="arrayArticles" approxItemHeight="200px"
          approxHeaderHeight="0px" approxFooterHeight="0px"
    <ion-card  *virtualItem="let article;let idx = index" (click)="itemTapped($event, article)" 
              (swipeleft)="articleSwipeLeft(article,$event, idx)" 
              (swiperight)="articleSwipeRight(article,$event, idx)"
              [ngClass]="{'swipe-left': == swipeLeft_articleId}"
        <ArticleImage [article]="article"></ArticleImage>
		<div class="article-card-title" [innerHTML]="article.title"></div>
        <div class="article-card-subtitle" [innerHTML]="(article.publishedDate | amTimeAgo) + ' on ' + article.sourceTitle"></div>

Is there a way to have the vertical scroll and swipeleft/swiperight work together?

Hi LAFONT, I just point that:

needs to be used on the ion-list component next to [virtualScroll]. I did the same mistake and it gave me some errors. Maybe it’s related with your issue.