Ion-datetime is frustrating

I have a ion-datetime to show just month and year.

<ion-datetime displayFormat=“MMM YYYY” picker-format=“M YYYY” [min]=“minDate” [max]=“currentDate” [(ngModel)]=“reportDate” name=“reportDate”>

I also only have it go back 24 months.
Starts off with Jan 2019.
Can’t go forward anymore (no other months are available).
I change the year to 2018, but no months show up. Then I select 2017 all the months show up.
I go back to 2018 and all the months still show up. Go back to 2019 only Jan shows up. It now works going back and forth.

I have also gotten it to update months if I go to 2018, only Jan shows up. Go back to 2019, then back to 2018 all months show up sometimes.
It seems like until I scroll so far does it realize it needs to refresh. But only scrolling one item, it doesn’t fire.

What is going on? Is this normal?