Big problem with date time picker

Hi guys. I’m facing a big problem that was finding in ionic page. See, if I click on ion-datetime, the picker displays. Then, choose 29/12/2012, it’s mean you should click done.
And click on ion-datetime again, choose “jan” as new month value the date time picker not loading yet. and you should scroll it for getting effect.

Next, select 31/01/2012 and click on done. click on ion-datetime one more time. select “feb” as new month value and see.

not good man… how can I resolve this issue by custom ion-datetime. This issue is occurred on latest ionic - angular v3.x.x - v4.x.x

please help us on this issue

I am afraid your question is not very clear, exactly what are you trying to do? Please explain your question more clearly and post the template code at least.

Looks like the issue is that the first month selection isn’t updating the available day-range when the dateTime input is re-used. This appears to allow you to select impossible dates such as Feb 31.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select Jan 31

  2. Tap “Done”

  3. Tap the input again

  4. Select Feb

At this point the day column should update to 28/29 days, but it doesn’t. You are now able to click “Done” and accept an input of Feb 31.
Note that if you change the month multiple times the day column then updates correctly. Seems like there’s an event that’s not firing the first time.


Looks like there’s already a ticket for this:

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thank you for helping me. you’re so nice