[IONIC 4] Set Max Year on ionic datetime don't refresh month

I need to set max date on ionic dateTime (ISOString es: 2021-03-05T16:49:39.197+01:00), When I change year going back (es:2019), it don’t show all month, but only January february and march.
How can I show all the remaining months?

Html example

<ion-datetime max="2021-03-05T16:49:39.197+01:00"></ion-datetime>

This is what I see on my program:

No one can solve it? :weary:

I tried your datetime line and it works fine. I think there is something else in your sourcecode, which brings up that bug.

I tried again, but with no result. everything works good, however if I change year it only show me January,February and March.

Could you try to create a new ionic 4 project and write that date line in your html file and see what happen?
I still think there is something else in your source code causing the problem.

i have same issue too.:unamused: