Ion-datetime month change automatically after select time

Hi Team,

I’m using @ionic/angular: 6.1.2 ion-datetime. it works fine before and I don’t make related changes of ion-datetime component;
but I found after I select time, the month will jump to another month automatically. but value set correct. just UI change. it’s weird.
For Example: If I click time on right-bottom. first it will scroll time from (00:00) to current time, then even if I didn’t make changes to time. after close time picker. the month will jump to May. but select value still in June.

Note: even if I just use <ion-datetime></ion-datetime> it still has the same issue.
I try to update version to 6.1.8 but didn’t work.

Any suggestion for this? Thanks!

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Hello! I’m having the same issue with Ionic Vue (6.1.9). After closing the time picker modal, the underlying date picker modal automatically changes to previous month.

Facing same issue