Ion-datetime v6 [min] [max] value doesn't work as expected. Can't go back to min date


i’m using the lastest ion-datetime component and i’ve faced the following issue:

if i choose a min value as starting date, when i swipe months with the arrow and i got forward, i can’t go back to the first month.
For example, if I choose 1st of may 2022 as first available dater and 30th of september as max date if i go to june or july and i try to go back to may, i can’t and the min date available starts from 1st of june.
If i delete the starting date, everything works fine.

As you can see from the following video:

video example

While a video is nice to show what you’re seeing, it’s hard to debug this without some code. Can you recreate this in a small project and share the github link?

hello! thank you for your reply!
It turned out that it was an issue with the ionic release 6.0.7, it should be fixed with the release 6.0.8