Installing ionic

Can somebody help with a more detailed information on how to install ionic and its prerequisite apart from the the guide provided on ionic website.Operating system am using is Windows.

Give us some info on what you mean by “install”? Are you doing a PhoneGap project? Are you just going to create a standalone web page?

Depending on what you are doing, how you “install” might be different. It could just be a matter of copying a few Ionic files into a folder.

We need some more information to answer that question.

If you want to run a local copy of the Ionic seed, you just need to install a simple webserver and then put the seed files in your webservers www folder and open up localhost in your browser. Since you’re on Windows, you can install something like XAMPP.

If you want to set up a full Phonegap project, you will need Node.js, Phonegap / Cordova / Ionic seed, in that order. We need to know on which part you’re stuck. Have you installed Node yet? How about Phonegap / Cordova?

@Calendee Ha, beat me to it :wink:

@Calendee,my install means getting started with ionic.have read the getting started guide,but still unable to install cordava.i have install node js,while trying to install cordova through nodejs but noting is coming up.The help i need is how to start with ionic.

@coen_warmer. i want to start learning how to develop mobile apps,and i got ionic a very good platform.i want to set up a full mobile project.have installed Nodejs.what is left is cordova as specified in setting up ionic

@teejaybond Please note the exact error message you are getting when installing Node.

Installing Cordova is really beyond the scope of Ionic. You might want to invest some time understanding Cordova and getting it installed properly.

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