Starting from scratch

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to start coding my app but am having difficulty knowing exactly what to do and with what platforms. I’ve downloaded various items of software including Apache, node.js etc, but where is it that I actually write the code? Do I need to download Bash also?

Any help would be much appreciated!


The nodejs is needed for npm command. Follow these steps after that :

Feel free to ask anything on your way there :smile:

Thanks for replying!

Yes I’ve downloaded node.js already! When it says ‘To install Cordova, make sure you have Node.js installed, then run: $ sudo npm install -g cordova’ where is this command to be run? Bash?


Are you on windows or linux/mac ?

On ubuntu/mac, run it on the terminal.

On windows you can use node CLI or elevated CMD (run CMD as admin)