In jquery $(document).on('click' and in angular?

In jquery until a few months ago I worked with:

$ (document). on ('click', '. icon.ion-more.EventDetail', function () {}); 

How do I work today with ionic & angularJS there a better way?
Of course there would be 300ms delay,
I do not know why but I have now delay between clicking clickable
I added fastclick by this I added this line in the head

<script type='application/javascript' src='js/fastclick.js'> </ script> 

And in the script I added:

$ (function () {
     FastClick.attach (document.body); 

Nothing happens all still the same
How to remove the delay?

Sorry for the English(Google Translate)
Thank you!

I think you are still trying to mix jQuery with Angular. Generally it is not advisable to do this. Also, Ionic already has fixed the 300ms delay issue. You should not be experiencing that if you are doing things the “Angular way”. There is no need to include Fastclick.

This is a good explanation of how to go from jQuery to Angular :

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Hey, I really do not want! Combine jquery how can I implement something similar with Ionic and Angular without using ng-click?
And have a 300ms delay I work with

<a href="#/Dashboard">Dashboard</a>

and back button (I work on the basis that

As I said, there really should not be a 300ms delay. Ionic takes care of that. See this :

If you are experiencing that delay, please setup a small CodePen or Plunker example and I’ll take a look at it.