300ms click delay for non-ionic components [Ionic 2]


I just noticed that regular click events on custom components seem to suffer from the 300ms delay. Ionic components respond nice and fast, but even if I do something like <div (click)="foo()"></div>, the delay is there.

I’ll try adding the fastclick library and see if it solves the issue (and also, if it works together with Ionic), but thought I should ask if anyone else has experienced this in the meantime.


Ok, i’ve tried adding the Fastclick library and unfortunately it conflicts with Ionic/Angular so all the click events get unreliable, but sometimes it works and the delay actually disappears, so there’s no question that the issue really is the classic 300ms one.

I spoke with the devs regarding this, and it turns out Ionic only hijacks clicks (i.e. removes the delay) on buttons and a-tags, so anything custom made that should be clickable should either be a button or <a></a>.

I tried this and <a (click)="foo()"></a> indeed doesn’t have a click delay.