$element.bind('click' Slow?

As I understand using the click event creates a short (300ms) delay. The back button in the navBack directive uses this. Is it the case that ionic is using the slow version here or does it take care of hooking up the faster click in the background? I think ng-touch takes care of this no? Anyhow the back button and slidebox menu button “feel” slow compared to other buttons i have using ng-touch maybe I am just imagining this.


Would also definitely like to know this.

If it is slow, I have not noticed it. Everything is very responsive to me. I’ve got a few other apps in various stages using different libraries - the 300ms is quite noticeable in them.

The newest version of angular using angular-touch automatically gets rid of the 300ms delay. I’m not sure if the developers on Ionic did anything additional or not.

I’m currently experiencing the delay on a 4.2.2 device and 4.3 device. I’m using the angular libs that come with ionic. I keep reading about fastclick but not sure if this is the answer.