Ionic Framework and 300ms delay on a href?



I was wondering, if I am using a href inside my ionic app, which routes to a new state and use $, does it still have the 300ms delay?

Do I have to use ng-click to prevent this? Or how can I increase the speed.

Thank you.


Take a look at this blog post


I am using the latest Ionic lib, but how can I be sure the delay has been removed. When I test my app on device it still feels like a 300ms delay as compare to native app.

Looking at this video, I am pretty sure my app feels like the left one.
Say I have a link like this, do I need to do anything to make the delay go away?

      <a class="tab-item deal-item" ui-sref-active="actTab" ui-sref="main.home-deals">

Or I should use the Ionic events?

          <button on-tap="onTap()" class="button">Test</button>

         <button on-release="onRelease()" class="button">Test</button>


I’m new to ionic so please excuse me if I’m wrong, but I’ve read the article and I understand that there’s nothing we should do to prevent the click delay and ionic handles the problem out of the box. Unfortunately I can see delays when testing an app (e.g. based on the tabs template) on my physical android device. I’m not alone as boopage below reports the same problem. Could you please advice?


I have the exact same issue. I loaded the vanilla tabs app, didn’t make a single change, and there is a delay of at least 300ms before every click happens. Thats with the v1 beta version, by the way. I wonder what it could be.


Any solution? I’m having the same problem.


still seeing this on the latest ionic/cordova, how to solve this?