Image gallery with slider

I’ve started developing this simple image gallery with slide view navigation. It’s very basic in terms of functionalities and it would be cool to get some suggestions on what can be added/improved

The slide navigation uses a circular buffer, following the code shared by JesperWe on this topic

ion-gallery @ Github

Any input is appreciated


This great dude, well done!!

Just added pinch and double tap to zoom.

Think it’s time to start writing some tests :grin:

Have at least two more features planned to implement:

  • Drag up or down to close slideshow
  • Android backbutton to close slideshow

Any suggestions (of any kind) are appreciated.

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Looks very interesting
Definitely will check it out :slight_smile:

Directive now re-renders UI on scope changes (add or remove pictures). The demo app on ionic view is updated.

If anybody has new ideas (or improvements) for this let me know.

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how to use this gallery in ionic2 pls help


this is the ionic2 time

has anyone managed to do this in ionic2?

Just as an FYI, I’m not doing the port to ionic 2 (Or at least not in my near future plans). If anyone wants to do it, be my guest