Image gallery inside app


I want to show some images insde image gallery in my ionic project …can you suggest some way to implement an image galley in ionic 2?


Hi @riteshbhat17,

you can use Grid for list images and Slides to show them on fullscreen.

I never tried it, but it might not be difficult.


when image are in grid layout on screen, how to start the slide view on click on image?


Push your gallery page and pass “imageId” parameter to select the initial slide.

this._navigationService.pushPage(SlidesPage, {imageId: imageId );

this._slideOptions = { initialSlide: this.navParams.get( 'imageId' ) }


Hi @ramon and @bea, i understand the part with the grid, but how do i add the slides for each gallery? Can you give a little bit more detailed example?

I have about 20 pages with different image-galleries on each page. Until now, they are just images in a grid. Now i would like to make them clickable to have larger versions of the images in a „slideshow“.



Hi devs, I just want to know is there a demo of the code repo “” on a real device, so that i can decide is this what am looking for and jump on to the repository.
If there is any, can the author point it to me? Thanks