Slide box pinch and zoom images



I’m trying to create an image carousel with the slide boxes and I’ve got it working perfectly except the disable-scroll=false doesn’t do what I expected it to, in that I’m hoping to allow the user to be able to pinch to zoom in on the images (as you can on facebook and other similar apps), but in this case the view can’t be scrolled or zoomed.

Has anyone any ideas on how to solve this problem?


There has been an occasional post on the forum about pinch/zoom. Right now, I don’t know of any real solution. I’ve asked the devs and our new evangelist to provide some documentation on this.

No promises on a demo date though. He’s working hard on generating content right now.

Pinch to zoom

Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll explore the options with third party modules and will post back if I have any positive results


Hi, I’ve done a little demo with Zynga Scroller and Ionic
Code is here : and need improvement (I got shifts after zoom-in zoom-out)
Feel free to try and improve the code as well.

Pinch to zoom

hey @af1, this is really promising! Thanks! Will try to see if I can improve on it on in any way.

Image Zoom In and Zoom Out

I’ve improved the code today, I have a pretty stable version :
It indeed need some improvement (the code is a bit rough).


As this gallery/zooming stuff has been a problem for many, I created a simple tutorial showing How To Create An Advanced Ionic Gallery with Image Zooming like seen in the Facebook app.

Hope this helps!