As I can start with ionic 2?

Hello friends (Sorry for my English)

Some friends and I want to create a hybrid application and we have thought of ionic for its large community. We are programmers java and have never done web programming. I am also webmaster and basics of html5 and css. And we wanted to know what skills are needed and html5 ccs to start with Ionic. Our greatest doubt is to javascript. Do you need to know javascript to learn Typescript or we can go direct to learn typescript?

Thank you very much in advance for the help

At first, you need understand that a kind of apps you will do. Are you sure that the hybrid application can do that what you want? It’s not same like native apps. Do you understand different?

If you sure that the hybrid application is well for you, so yes - you could start to develop the app by ionic 2. And yes, you need understand javascript and events engine. However TypeScript is OOP, so it’s not problem for java developers. But Angular… Um ) Angular has specific syntax and you must know it.

yes, we understand the difference between a native app and a hybrid.Our app is focused more than anything in chats, groups, sending files and other simple things. The main thing is to reach all platforms. We only found small lags in ionic and android 5 and 6. We read that will solve in ionic 2

Chat? Ionic/Cordova doesn’t support OS background services without tricks, but of course you know it )
Yes, Ionic 2 is based in Angular 2. And Angular 2 has better performance. I strongly recommend you read about Angular 2. :slight_smile: