How to update the ionic 2

hello am confusing about updating ionic 2
can any telll me how to update the ionic gobal and as well as local project …as ionic jump to beta 11
am on beta 1- i want to update to beta 11 but when i trying to update am getting errror …plz any help that why i understand it…

I think this will be the solution you looking for… as you are working on windows machine…

try this… this might helps you…

I used this command - (I am using windows os)

C:\users\myproj> npm install --save ionic-angular @angular/common @angular/compiler @angular/core @angular/http @angular/forms @angular/platform-browser @angular/platform-browser-dynamic rxjs@5.0.0-beta.6 zone.js@0.6.12

After this the update w0orked without any issues. You will get errors when you build the app and you need to fix code as explained in the change log.

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then whether it worked for you or not?

Yes. It worked. I am up and running. BTW after the updated I had to make changes to code to fix , modal , loading and alert components. (As explained in change log…)

Great that sounds good that this worked for you.

And yes, we do have to change for overlay components to use particular overlay controller in order to create instance and used in your components.

Happy Coding :slight_smile: