Ionic 2 Update to latest beta version on Windows does not work

Hi guys,

I’m having really mean problems over here. Let me explain my situation:

I have installed the latest Ionic2 Beta Version via

npm install -g ionic@beta

Now when I am creating a fresh project installation with

ionic start MyProjectName --v2

and cd into this directory, I tried to serve the application.
But ionic serve does not work and gives me this error message

From ionic.config.js: Please update your version of the Ionic CLI: npm install -g ionic@beta
NOTE: I have installed the latest Ionic2 Beta Version via npm!!
+-- ionic@2.0.0-beta.25

I hope somebody can help me because I want to build my next clients project with Ionic2.

Cheers from Austria,


I had this exact same issue, finally just got it resolved after scratching my head for a few days. Running npm install -g ionic@beta would appear to complete successfully, but I would keep getting this error whenever I tried to serve.

When I ran ionic -v it was showing me an older version was installed, beta.19… yet when I went to my npm directory and found the ionic folder, package.json showed version beta.25.

Turns out, even though npm config get prefix was showing my %appdata%\roaming\npm folder, apparently at some point in time an older version of ionic got installed in my nodejs folder and it was trying to use this version for some reason!

To resolve this issue, I did the following:

  • Navigated to my nodejs folder (for me it was under Program Files (x86))
  • Removed files ionic and ionic.cmd
  • Went into the \node-modules folder and deleted the entire ionic folder that was in there

After that, running ionic -v finally returned 2.0.0-beta.25 and ionic serve on the fresh project worked.

Good luck, hope that helps!