Project Update from beta 10 to beta 11 went wrong

Bear with me if this sounds stupid.
I am new to npm and most of the time i m not sure what i m doing.
But i followed everything in the doc and somehow I successfully get an app running on beta10.

so when things all looking bright,
one day I tried to update it from beta.10 to beta.11.

THAT is what drove me crazy…

I followed the doc, CD to my app’s folder and do some npm install @latest in the terminal.
I thought it’s easy and straight forward…

now … my app doesnt work anymore…

I tried to check the latest doc, i didnt notice any huge different to the code.
the following error get me suspicious that there must be sth changed to Model and popOver component:
Property 'present' does not exist on type 'NavController'. Property 'create' is private and only accessible within class 'Modal'. Property 'create' is private and only accessible within class 'Alert'.

My question here is… did i messed up the project while updating it… or there’s really some syntax changed in the latest version that i didn’t notice?

Can someone just point me to the right direction? or at least show me way to roll back to beta-10??

Property ‘present’ does not exist on type ‘NavController’.

make absolutely sense and is a correct. See the release notes of Betta11.

In Beta11 the way to present overlay including ‘NavController’ have change. You have to update your code in order to pass the compilation. See

I guess than that the error you 'avec on using the method ‘create’ on other overlays is also related to that.

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Yes i got that now thx.

Another issue is that,
I uses a Popover to pass variables.

in Beta10 i can use popover.onDismiss(data => { somedata });
in Beta11, the .onDismiss() doesnt exist anymore… is the syntax changed?

I think onDidDismiss this will work.

As it stated in CHANGELOG point number 3 in below link i.e. modal.onDidDismiss()

Let’s give a try.