How to update cordova iOS project to 4.0+ without destroying it?

Hey guys!

I am in an odd situation with my cordova ios version. I’m currently at the 3.9.2 iOS cordova version, and really want/need to get to 4+, however…

My app has 2 more targets for the watch extension and watch app, which get removed because it re-builds the platform and there is no way to just paste them in and have them work, they’re pretty intertwined in the Xcode project.

The “cordova platform update ios” command completely destroys the file structure and Xcode can’t find any plugins or resources, and having to add hundreds of files back into the app just isn’t something I have the time to do. (Edit: even reinstalling the plugins doesn’t work, it says they are but they are all missing in the file structure, then in the Xcode project they are all red)

I really need the 4.0 since things like the push plugin, and others, are requiring it so they can support bit code and those new options that came along 4.

Does anyone know how to update the platform manually, or a way to do it without obliterating my project? I spent about 5 hours on it earlier today and got no where except a broken project. Any help is really appreciated.


Have you tried ionic platform update?

ionic platform update ios

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I have not, I’ll give that a go and let you know how it works

Have you gotten this to work? I’m having the same problem where the update command screws up the file structure and all the frameworks are gone in Xcode.