Cordova-ios 4.5.0 was released!

Cordova released a new version of cordova-ios:

And the full blog post:

Upgrade with Ionic CLI:

ionic cordova platform remove ios
ionic cordova platform add ios@4.5.0

If you have the console plugin installed (all Ionic projects do by default) you have to remove it, otherwise iOS won’t build any more:

ionic cordova plugin remove cordova-plugin-console

Any first experiences?


I did the update, everything went smoothly. I didn’t deployed yet in store but tested on my (real) iPhone 6 and everything looks OK inclusive seeing logs like “Push Plugin register success:…” or “WARN: (getRootNav) is deprecated” in the console of Xcode.

Note: I had to update ios-deploy too. I was using version 1.9.0, first build with cordova-ios@4.5.0 noticed me that I had to update to 1.9.2, which I did.

Side-nodes: There are a new version of…

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You’re an upgrade beast :slight_smile: Thanks for the info.

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Hahaha :joy:

All these upgrade these days went really smoothly, it’s fun :wink: