How to get my app working on my iPhone via XCode?


Hi all,

This drives me nut! A week already now, but I can’t solve it! I can get past the splashscreen, I get to the login screen on my app and then, when it needs to load things from the server (like images), it just keeps loading forever! I keep seeing the loading screen and it just never ends!

I also have zero errors in Xcode and Safari consoles (even after refreshing). I don’t get it.

Is there a guide I can use? I have no errors, I don’t see the problem… the app is just not working! Please help me out here…

Is there something I am missing here? I am just building the app via Xcode for my device (device is plugged in via USB to my MacBook) and it says “build succeeded”, yet when I need to check it in the simulator or physical device, I can’t get it to work!


Have you tried running the app directly from the commandline? ionic cordova run ios.


I did, yes. The problem was that some of my plugins were not installed correctly, so it just was not working.

Thanks though, it’s all sorted now.