[RC0] Blank (White) Screen in Emulator/Device

Hi everybody,

I was able to successfully get my existing app working in the web browser (using ionic serve) after upgrading to rc0 which is awesome; the problem I’m facing now is that I can’t seem to get my app working in the emulator and my iPhone…

I really wish I could be more specific but I can’t, because I don’t see anymore errors (aside from warnings related to tslint and unused imports) in my Terminal, and in Xcode. All I can say is that I see my splash screen on my device when running the app, but then a blank white screen is loaded afterwards.

Has anyone that has had my issue eventually got their app working? Any general pointers for being able to run my app on a device?

Any help is appreciated!

A few recommendations, in order from least invasive to most invasive:

  1. The problem could be in your code. Inspect the app with Safari on your Mac using these instructions. Force the app to reload by putting window.location.reload() in the js console. Any js errors that it’s running into should become obvious.

  2. The problem could be in your config.xml file. Rename your config.xml to something like config-backup.xml, then generate a new ionic project and bring over that new project’s config.xml to your existing app. Make the absolute minimal changes needed to get the app compiled with the needed plugins.

  3. The problem could be in your build setup. Clean out your whole build system and rebuild it from scratch, I had to do this when I updated my app from the beta. You can do this by removing the platform, plugins, and node_modules folders from your app directory, then run npm install && ionic add platform ios.

Wow, you’re awesome; I did #1 and found the error, now my app runs! I have to fix some issues with some pages but the app is running now!!! (at least, on the emulator; but I’m pretty sure it’ll run on the device too…)

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i dont own a mac :frowning: