Ios app exit after splash


I’m desprate, i make my app on android and on android works quite fine, no errors.
But on Ios when i builded and run it, the splash screen is loading and after that app furn off(no errors, no logs). When i run ion serve (browser) the app is working, only on ios device it isn’t working. There is no errors no nothing. What can i do,please help me…
And when i create a new project on mac, the app have the same error. Where is the problem, ionic or cordova?
running commands:
Ionic build ios
ionic run ios --emulator
ionic run ios --device
Cordova build ios
cordova run ios…



It’s quite simple, you can’t run iOs build/run on Windows.You need a mac to do that. Or try Ionic View app.


i’m running on the mac ofc.


Sorry for the dumb question. Are you sure you have no discrepancy if you run ionic info? (like with, ionic version much more up-to-date than Angular, Node, something like that?). Post your CLI ionic info please.


Again I don’t know Ionic V1, I started with V2, I just guess/suspect something in your setup is not compatible any more with Ionic 1. Make sure of your setup.