How is Ionic2 js/ES6 starter project made understandable to browser/ ES5

So, in the early Ionic betas I started a project with default configuration. It is in ES6 and uses decorators like @Directive etc so I was assuming the following quote from Angular TS to JS cookbook will hold true:

When translating from TypeScript to ES6-with-decorators, remove class property access modifiers such as public and private. Remove most of the type declarations, such as :string and :boolean but keep the constructor parameter types which are used for dependency injection.

But I can’t use types in my constructor and I have to go the Static get() way. Does that mean what Angular is calling ES6 with decorators is not actually what I have? Also, just like TS is transpiled etc, I’m hoping my ES6 project is also being transpiled but I’m not sure how

I would suggest upgrading to the latest Ionic RC version. Getting help with an old “early beta” isn’t going to be easy: who knows exactly how that works now? Since RC all projects use TypeScript.

I’m at Ionic Framework 2.0.0 Beta.7 and Angular 2.0.0-rc.1 I don;t need any specific code help. I just want to know, how are Ionic 2 JS projects which use ES6 with decorators made understandable to browser?

It is transpiling the source code to ES5 using either Babel or TypeScript - not sure what was used in that specific version.