Is it at all possible to create Ionic 2 Application in ES6 or ES5

I want to create an Ionic Application but don’t want to use TypeScript (not my idea though)

Is it possible to use ES5 or ES6 (more preferably) and build Ionic 2 applications. I suppose Ionic’s core code is in Typescript and they have remove --no-ts option

What would be the best way to create an Ionic App in ES5 or ES6

Nothing is impossible, but it’s not exactly simple. Given that TypeScript is basically ES6 + optional static typing, what’s the advantage of not using TypeScript?

I agree and I am all down to learn Typescript, but somehow my manager is insisting on avoiding Typescript Transpile Step. I just want to access how much effort will it require to setup Ionic Project using JS only. How can I avoid Typescript Traspiler and what kinds of trouble I can run into with the choice of skipping TypeScript ?

Thanks in Advance !!

Even with ES6 you would need a transpile step, typically with Babel. Heck, even with ES5 you probably want some sort of build step at least to minize/obfuscate your code for production, using e.g. UglifyJS.

“Setup” is barely scratching the surface. You would have to pretty much ditch Ionic’s entire build process, so you would need to roll your own.

Hmm … Can you suggest me where should I start. Angular JS can be written with JavaScript only , how to do I start with Ionic Apps for the same.

The other thing to consider is that TS has become the defacto standard in ionic, so pretty much all the documentation and forums questions, stackoverflow questions, tutorials etc. are going to be written that way. So unless you already have a great understanding of what you’re doing avoiding TS is going to increase the difficulty of any learning curve.

somehow my manager is insisting on avoiding Typescript Transpile Step

Push back. Frame it in terms of time/difficulty == $$$

Good luck :slight_smile: