Ionic2 - Is there a way to create projects with js files?

When Im creating apps, the default ends of the files are .ts, i know it depends of the ionic version,but is there an option to switch it with js? There is the oposite:

"$ ionic start app_name --v2 --ts " , but "$ ionic start app_name --v2 --js " doesnt working…


Have you tried with just ionic start app_name --v2 ?

It works for me.

Yes, i did :frowning: That’s my version. I read a lot about this, i saw it
depends of the version. Thats mine


Ionic has dropped support for using ES6 projects.
That being said, ES6 code is typescript.

So this ES6 class

export class MyClass{

Is the same in TS

export class MyClass{

i just wanted to know is there an option like this, thanks :slight_smile:

Working in JS with angular2/ionic2 is making your life harder for you. Most of the examples/docs/tuts are written in TypeScript.

And after overcoming the first TypeScript pains you’ll realize that TypeScript is better than JS :slight_smile:

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hah i hope so :smile: We will see…