Upgrade to rc0 from es6 project

In https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md there’s a guide to migrate project from beta11 to rc0
The thing is that the examples guide the developer to migrate .ts files, but my project do no use TS.

I’m developing the app using es6, no TypeScript in my app/ scripts

Is it possible to migrate?

They removed the option for ES2015 over Typescript in an earlier release. Not cool, since many people want to start (and have started) a project with ES2015 during the Beta and Angular 2 allows for both. That being said, Typescript builds on top of JS, so you can still use JS, just not explicitly mentioned anymore.

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Yeah, I know that I can still use.
I’m just wondering how will be this upgrade. Till now all upgrades from the beta releases were easier (and smaller) than this to the rc0, and now the docs explicit mention the need to manage some .ts files

I’m wondering if it isn’t time to create a new project with TS and re-build the app.

The upgrade to RC0, you really should migrate your project over to TS.

Aside from all the additional tooling/editor support/completion, the code doesn’t change much.

Most of the code you have just needs to have it’s extension changes from .js to .ts.

You really should start to migrate first to Typescript then to RC0.