Hot code push


Is there a plan to support hot code push in the near future?

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App Auto Update with ionic , any ideas?

I saw Meteor.js recently released this feature and Apple is on board with hot updates. That takes Apple reviews out of the development cycle for bug fixes and can make dev teams much more responsive to their customers…

Meteor.js hot code push release announcement
Meteor.js host code push design notes
Apple allowing hot code pushes


Thanks for your reply.

I’m actually referring to hot code push for ionic.

Sometimes you already have an existing back-end system that you want to integrate with ionic for your mobile apps.

With regards to meteor.js, I’ve found in other posts that meteor.js & ionic integration is still not properly maintained. The package I’ve found is not compatible with the latest meteor.js.


There is nothing about Ionic that prevents you from doing this, but it also doesn’t have the design or structure to support what Meteor does. I’ve been under the impression that it might cause issues in Apple’s review process when you load external assets, but perhaps not. I haven’t tried it myself so its interesting to hear success stories. The difference is Meteor is both a client and server application, where Ionic is only for a client application.

I don’t know much about integrating Meteor with Ionic, and but the specific idea of a hot code push seems to be their term and concept. Essentially it seems the idea is that Meteor can modify the app code during execution, interesting but Meteor is designed to be a frontend/backend system so it has more ability to manage that. What little I’ve played with Meteor is quite interesting, and I’ve seen posts about people integrating it with Angular (if it works with Angular, then Ionic should have no issues because Ionic is built on Angular).

I suspect that making the two play nicely is a lot of work in the long haul. I saw a post that indicated a number of conflicts that could be resolved, but it leaves you wondering if things won’t break with the next release of either library.

I would be happy if Apple allowed me to just load my JS and CSS from a server, then I could just deploy my code to a server and the next time the app loaded it would get the update.


+1. This isn’t Meteor specific - I’ve read about other apps doing it as well, including PhoneGap’s Hydration. The basic pattern is:

  • if network access, hit remote server and ask for latest code version
    – if version # > what we have in local file storage, then download it into local file storage.
    – else use the version in local file storage.
    – if no version in local file storage, use what was shipped with the app.
  • if no network access, then use what we have in local file storage. If nothing there, use what was shipped with the app.

Ionic adding support for this would be awesome!


I think my comment was misunderstood. I was agreeing that Ionic could provide this capability on its own (it doesn’t need Meteor to do it). I was just providing references to Meteor information in the event that they would help anyone working on this for Ionic and the Meteor code is on GitHub as an example implementation.

I hadn’t realized that Apple would allow app changes w/o additional review and I thought others might find that interesting too.

Ionic + Cordova + ios update www files from web server?


btw - here are some articles that describe how an app called Throwback implemented it:


+1 for this feature. It would be extremely helpful!


I’ve found this resource which looks promising


This would be really really helpful,
Anyone has / is implementing a solution right now ?


Found this answer on stackoverflow

But i did not found a generic solution / solution for android


+1 for the meteor hot code push. That’s a killer feature.


Looking exactly for this

Anyone can provide some code for this ?


The ionic team are implementing this as part of the upcoming ionic services. Not ready yet though, so depends how urgently you need this functionality!


Thx for the answer,

really love the new services, and due to the docs its exactly the stuff we need in our company.
Hope its ready soon.

Are there any informations about prices yet



Ionic already has a great stack. Get this deploy feature out the door, charge for it! I would pay for it :wink:


Me too

Hope its get ready soon


Another option is to utilize push notification to notify users of features/fixes.

You would host the resources yourself then setup your app to work with APN/GCM then use the notification service to send message to your app for new changes or fixes. Then do a document reload after the user accepts the changes.


Since the ionic services will take a while
here is an other option


The technique presented in seems pretty straight forward.

Are there any risks or drawbacks to using this approach with Ionic?