Does Ionic work well with cordova-hot-code-push?

Hi there,

I am thinking to add hot-code-push to my project, but wanted to ask experience before jumping in.

hot-code-push URL:

Does it work smoothly, (checking watch) on 8th August 2017?


As far as I know, yes. But not practical experience on my side.

(Adding a link to the plugin to your post would be nice…)

Isn’t it an awesome feature, especially apple seems accept hot push feature on hybrid app?

I thought everybody had already given it a try, apparently I was wrong.

More people here are probably using Ionic Deploy, which is from the same people behind the framework.
There I can tell you: This works like a charm.

Do you mean the plugin from this page?
Hopefully it is free-of-charge :slight_smile:

Yes, that is what I meant.

The new, future pricing is here:

It sounds like a horrendous “feature” to me. It’s a walking trojan that could be fed arbitrary malware by an unscrupulous network operator.

I have some apps that I don’t publish to the app store and I think this is a very useful plugin for that situation. So thanks.

I’m very surprised that apple is allowing this though (I haven’t validated this - just basing it on what you said above) - the entire app functionality can be changed, from say a legit app to a spam/malware app!

no, there are still boundaries we cannot cross over. Here are more details:

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Can you guide me in creating the CHCP. I have tried a lot some how im stuck.

Thanks in advance

hey were you able to create chcp ? if yes can you please help ?