Ionic on Meteor

Hi there, I’m new to Ionic, Angular and Meteor, but would like to create a Ionic smart package for Meteor, but I’m not able. I’ve checked atmosphere and
Meteor already has some smart packages for using Angular together with Meteor (angular-stack, ngMeteor, angular-ui-router). I’ve tried to create the Ionic smart package without success just adding fonts folder, ionic.css, ionic.js, and ionic-angular.js files, assuming that the other packages already include all Angular needed files.

Has anyone succeeded?

Thank you in advance!


@cramrov what issues are you having specifically? It’s hard to say what could be going on. I know I’ve heard reports that using Angular with Meteor isn’t really recommended.

Hi Max, the main problem is dealing with the integration of the currently implementation of the Angular stack on Meteor and the Ionic module dependencies. Luckily, I got a reply from Andrew Lee, the owner of the ngMeteor smart package and he gave me detailed instructions on how to integrate Ionic on top of ngMeteor and meteor-angular-ui-router packages. I’m going to try it, I hope to have the Ionic smart package for Meteor implemented pretty soon.


Could you possibly share these instructions?

Thank you.

Yea, I’d love to see how that works, we could even put it up as a tutorial when that happens.

I got it guys! :wink:

Much appreciated but your demoseems to fail on ios simulator.

Could someone please writeup on this? Still trying to integrate ionic with meteor. But documentation or documented attemps fail short.

try this

Thank you!

Perhaps us Meteor users can combine efforts to generate a more workable example

Having Meteor MVC with Ionic views would be the way to go I think.

Okay I ported the ionic sidemenu app to meteor:

git clone
cd sidemenu-meteor/

And if someone knows how to fix the links issue please share

Looks great, your example is very basic.

I plan to take the boilerplate for meteor which uses MVC and add Ionic to that,
I havent seen any repository’s doing this yet.

Perhaps this could be a combined effort. since moving some files in place will mostly not work and some more experienced look at it will be necessary.

If interested I post the github repository here, have to commit my example code from my other machine to do that.

Just a Thought,

Has anyone attempted to integrate the meteor boilerplate and ionic ?
Perhaps its an idea if both teams would teamup and provide a good documentation / Working example.

I have taken an approach integrating the boilerplate meteor repo with ionic @

Main problem now is getting the boilerplate MVC views to correctly use the Ionic template / views