Who is working on angular-meteor with the ionic CLI?

In general, I really like the combination.

However, it seems that most of the docs & tutorials are for projects which use the Meteor packaging system and not the Ionic CLI. However, I’d like to stick with the Ionic Platform: View, Deploy, Analytics and Push. I have discovered that many of the Meteor packages are written in such a way that the app client and server run from the same rootUrl - which is not the case with my project using the ionic CLI.

For tighter Meteor integration, I’m using Meteor accounts. I just spent the last few days hacking the Meteor accounts-facebook package to work. I had to add a more than a few workarounds to coordinate the client/server code to support the OAuth redirectUrl – see my repo here: accounts-facebook-cordova-client-side.

Is anyone else wrestling with this problem?

I just noticed that the angular-meteor tutorial for ionic CLI includes steps for a new, webpack-based bundling system that seems to combine client + server for ionic CLI in the same way as Meteor.

We simply added an alias for the api/server folder and a custom handler for resolving Meteor packages. This gives us the effect of combining client side code with server side code, something that is already built-in in Meteor’s cli, only this time we created it
see: http://www.angular-meteor.com/tutorials/whatsapp/ionic/server

I’m not familiar with webpack and the tutorial does not go so far as to actually run on mobile (e.g. ionic build ios) so I’m not clear what the implications are to switch to this configuration. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

We recently updated the Ionic CLI tutorial.

Can you check the new version out?

Also, you can always open issues on the angular-meteor Github repo if you encounter a problem

I tried the demo with the webpack build, ran into this problem: https://github.com/DAB0mB/ionic-meteor-whatsapp/issues/3

Do you know if this build config plays nice with mupx?

I’m using angular-meteor with Ionic CLI and my app has been live in 3 months. For the server connection problem, I use meteor-client-side package.
Very happy with the result til now :slight_smile:

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I put my ionic app in the meteor /public folder, and it actually works. I have not fully tested this config yet.

see: https://forums.meteor.com/t/meteor-angular-ionic-cli-and-meteor-up-hosting/24991

same here. No need to hassle with webpack and all the other mumbojumbo