Ionic + Meteor, the android app updates itself...!

Hi developers,

I have some experience with Ionic, but am totally newbie with Meteor.
I have developed very simple Meteor + Ionic app, built the android apk (via meteor build) that communicate with meteor deployed app (the same code as apk).

The very strange thing is: when I update the code (HTML, CSS, JS) and deploy the new version to, my apk updates too.

I have no idea how and why it is possible and how to deny this behavior.

Anybody knows how to solve it…?

Could you elaborate a little ? Source code example, did you use angular-meteor ? Something else ?
I am currently building one ionic app with meteor as a backend, so i will be happy to share problems

Normally I develop in Windows environment, but since Meteor is not working (meteor build), I temporary use Ubuntu (in VirtualBox).

Source code example, did you use angular-meteor ? Something else ?

Suppose no, packeges are (via meteor list):
angular, autopublish, driftyco:ionic, meteor-base, …

This is an metor app using Ionic, so blaze package is removed, it uses anguar and ionic instead. The app is normal meteor app (deployed as web app to meteor server) and then built as android app. From the same source code I built:

  1. web app (
  2. android app

The strange behavior I am talking about is: when I update the web app, so I update any of file and then deploy it to server, then when I run the app on mobile phone, the app update itself.

Hope this help you…

There is a video, the speaker is a developer of the Meteor team. During his speech he explains the mechanism:

As far as i know, this is due to hot code push…

Find more here

Check with meteor list that it is installed, you can then remove it if needed on cordova…

Package link on atmosphere

Hope it helps