Forum tag for Ionic 3

Hi all

Should a tag for ionic 3 be created? Or we should use the v2 tag for every later release? (like angular 1 and angular).

If the choice is to not create an ionic 3 tag, then the current tag should at least be renamed to ionic 2+.

Within the angular community it’s advised to use the term angular for every angular 2+ version and the term angularjs fir the first version. Unfortunately I don’t see how ionic could use such a backwards compatible scheme for itself though.

It’s quite a hard call to make TBH, but probably the best choice (even if it’s a major version bump every 3-6 months) is to have a different tag for each major version. It would be the most helpful when ionic has reached, e.g. version 8 and you are looking for relevant help using the forum’s search function.