Change up in categories!

Hi there folks! You may have noticed that the Ionic/Ionic 2 categories have changed a bit. In keeping up with the release of Ionic 2.x/3.x, we’ve decided to rename the Ionic 2 category to just “Ionic”.

This means we’ve also renamed the original Ionic category to Ionic-V1.

A little reason behind the changes…

Similar to how angular quickly out-grew the name “Angular 2”, Ionic is iterating fast and incrementing versions on a regular basis. So having our branding/identity be tied to a particular version can be confusing and cumbersome. So we’ve gone all in on calling the latest release of the framework just Ionic.

As for Ionic V1, this will encompass all things V1/Angular 1x related.

So short of it

ionic => ionic-v1

ionic 2 => ionic.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions if suggestions on how we can make this transition smoother.

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